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New project: Assessing Big Data (ABIDA)

I´m excited to be on board of a brand new project: Assessing Big Data (ABIDA). Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with more than EUR 6 million, we are going to study the societal opportunities and risks of Big Data for a period of four years, together with our partners at the University of Münster and working groups from multiple German universities. Check out KIT´s press release for more information and stay tuned for our upcoming project website.


After almost 6 years with my old website, I finally found the time and patience to create a new one. I chose WordPress because I wanted a more lively site which is also easier to handle than pure HTTP while giving me a lot of flexibility, too. So far I´m very happy with it. It´s still under construction, so it´s not complete and probably contains some errors here and there. Feedback is very welcome, of course!

I also would like to thank my friend Philipp Randt and his agency Mit Überblick who have been very helpful with my old site. If you ever need some (web) designers I highly recommend these guys!