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New article out in First Monday

I’m happy to have contributed to an interesting special issue in First Monday edited by Payal Arora and Hallam Stevens on “Data-driven models of governance across borders”. My article focuses on lay perspectives on big data and is based on three citizen conferences we conducted in the ABIDA-project. You can read it open access here

New project: Assessing Big Data (ABIDA)

I´m excited to be on board of a brand new project: Assessing Big Data (ABIDA). Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with more than EUR 6 million, we are going to study the societal opportunities and risks of Big Data for a period of four years, together with our partners at the University of Münster and working groups from multiple German universities. Check out KIT´s press release for more information and stay tuned for our upcoming project website.